Food paper packaging - the choice of the times
  As one of food packaging, paper packaging because of its environmental protection and renewable, both for consumers and producers have shown its unique charm and value, has become a synonym for
safety, fashion and style. Below the delicate appearance, what function does paper packaging still hide? How does the future paper packaging lead the food industry to stand out? Let's go into the world of
food paper packaging.
  Let's start with an inverse hypothesis: what would food look like without packaging? The final result is that a lot of food is rotting ahead of time, sugarcane bowl wholesale a lot of food is wasted, and the rotten and wasted food
ends up in the landfill.Only when food is packaged without spoilage or extended shelf life can we ensure that more food is actually consumed rather than wasted as garbage. According to the statistics of relevant United Nations organizations, about 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted
globally, equivalent to one-third of the total production. However, there are still 815 million people in the world who do not have enough to eat, cornstarch stick wholesale accounting for 11% of the global population. The total amount
of wasted food is enough to feed the hungry population. Packaging is an important and effective solution that can help reduce food waste.
  As the carrier of food, food packaging is an integral part of food. The value brought by food packaging to the food industry includes:
  Value brought to consumers: Maslow's theory divides consumer needs into physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect needs and self-realization. Man must live first -- to be fed and satiated;
Second, live healthily -- safely and hygienically; Once again, live better -- nutritious, fresh and portable. Therefore, the most basic demand of consumers for food packaging, or the most basic value of food
packaging for consumers is "safety, freshness and convenience".
  Value to producers:
  1. Image value: According to DuPont law, 63% of consumers buy goods according to their packaging. Good food needs good packaging, sugarcane tray wholesale and brand food needs brand packaging more. Packaging as a food
carrier, its function is not only as a container and food protection, but also to provide consumers with convenience, easy to use, advertising, publicity, guidance and other image value display.
  2. Reduce packaging cost: for manufacturers, factors that affect packaging cost include the cost of selected packaging materials, the rationality of packaging design capacity, the maximum utilization of
packaging space, and transportation costs directly affected by packaging weight.
  3. Increase the added value of products: after food is packaged, consumers are attracted to buy more than the actual value of "food + packaging", which is the added value brought by packaging for food.
Of course, the level of added value, and packaging material selection, packaging design, design creativity, marketing techniques are closely related.
  Green and environmental protection: "green packaging" is also called "sustainable packaging", that is, "recyclable and easily degradable packaging". Green packaging is as far as possible in the process of
processing to reduce the use of raw materials, cornstarch tray wholesale or as far as possible to reduce the damage to nature caused by processing. It is gratifying that more and more countries and regions in the world are restricting or banning the use of plastic products in different ways, and the trend of
"replacing plastic products with paper" is increasingly obvious. In an era when everyone cares about the environment, brands without environmental awareness not only leave the impression of "irresponsible",
but also inevitably lead to direct loss of consumers.
  Safer: future paper safety is not only demand for paper and paper material need nonpoisonous and harmless, sugarcane cutlery wholesale also demands through the paper to avoid fake food, further extend the shelf life, etc., through
the paper to improve the safety of the food itself safety index, from the safety of the product promotion to the safety of the brand image. In recent years, with the rise of online shopping channels, online food
fake and shoddy disaster, sugarcane tableware wholesale serious harm to the health and safety of consumers, but also for brand manufacturers, for the carefully built brand image has a great negative impact.
  Multi-functional packaging: today's paper packaging is developing towards the direction of utility and function, including oil proof, moisture-proof, high barrier, active packaging...... There are also modern
intelligent technologies, such as setting up two-dimensional code, block chain anti-counterfeiting and so on, while paper packaging is mainly realized through printing and packaging links or paper packaging
materials themselves. cornstarch plate wholesale For example, food insulation wrapping paper, like
solar heat collector, converts light energy into heat energy. People only need to put the food wrapped in insulation paper in the sunlight, so as to continuously replenish heat energy, so as to maintain the
temperature and freshness of food. Another example: vegetables or starch as the main raw materials, adding other food additives, the production of edible packaging.
  The future has come, to comply with the development trend of food paper packaging, the current excellent food paper packaging enterprises, cornstarch cup wholesale has developed a variety of functions of food paper packaging.
Hyde also conforms to this trend, with a high degree of social responsibility and a variety of types of food paper packaging, to bring consumers more safety, health, environmental protection, convenience,
nutrition and appearance.