7 Ways to Solve "Insomnia" Without Medication

Many people may not sleepsanta 168 slotuntil they choose medication to help. But sleeping pills can have side effects on the body. If you try other methods before skipping the step to taking medicine We may be able to sleep better without medication.

Cause of insomnia
There are many causes of insomnia. from foods such as caffeinated beverages that we may drink no more than 4 hours before bedtime The effect of caffeine still keeps us awake. or from stress That is often the main reason why we can't sleep.

I can't sleep. How is my body?
If we have insomnia problems, insomnia, or inability to sleep fully, sleeping and waking up often may cause us to wake up not refreshed. because we don't sleep enough It also affects the secretion of Growth Hormone in the body to decrease. This makes the body's repair process less efficient. We may become moody, easily irritable, and have other health problems. can come later too

7 Ways to Solve "Insomnia" Without Medication
Dr. Ongnuch Chawalitthamrong, MD, American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine from Addlife Anti-Aging Center, 2nd floor, Life Center (Q House Lumpini), gave information about sleep that We need to understand the sleep cycle. wake up Usually at night When the sun sets, the light darkens the pituitary pineal gland. will secrete the hormone melatonin which helps us sleep well, sleep deeply, in the morning When the sun rises, there will be light, causing the hormone melatonin to disappear. makes us wake up refreshed Knowing the following We have applied this circuit as follows:

Get out in the sun for 30 minutes after waking up in the morning. by opening the curtains to let light into the bedroom Or exercise lightly outdoors to make the melatonin cycle better. They also get vitamin D.
When sleeping, turn off the lights in the room to completely darken. Refrain from using devices that emit blue light, such as mobile phones, televisions, and notebooks, which cause bad melatonin secretion. Avoid using these devices at least 2 hours before bedtime. If necessary, use blue light filtering glasses or blue light filtering applications.
Discipline in sleep to release the hormone melatonin on time. The body balances sleep better, which is to go to bed on time. avoid daytime sleep If necessary, it should not exceed 30 minutes.
Do not exercise too late, such as after 6pm.
Don't drink too many stimulants after 3 p.m., such as caffeine.
abstain from alcohol
Refrain from drinking water near bedtime. may cause waking up to urinate in the middle of the night
Here are some practices to help you sleep better. But if doing this and still not getting better You may need to see a doctor for a diagnosis to determine the cause. and then correct the problem on the spot